Pop's Malt Shoppe


Join Our Crew!

  • Must be available to work YEAR ROUND (except delivery drivers)

  • Experience in the food industry is preferred, but not required

  • Must be willing to work minimum 3 shifts per week (about 15-20hrs) with weekend availability

  • Friendly, smiling faces and strong work ethic required




 Job Description:

  • At Pop's, we cross train everyone so that during busy times, anyone can pitch in wherever they are needed. We are all responsible for cleaning, dishwashing, and general maintenance of the shoppe. During down time, there will be plenty of sidework to do, but customers always come first.

  • The majority of shifts will be spent serving customers inside the shoppe, at an event, or running deliveries to locations in Kutztown only. However, when there are not deliveries or customers to serve, you will be expected to clean, wash dishes, stock paper products, etc. Any staff member with a car may be asked to run a delivery during their shift to keep the shoppe running smoothly.

  • Availability is the most important aspect of your application. Although we have worked around a 2nd job, we prefer to offer more shifts to those who are looking for more hours once they are completely trained. Some weekday and weekend shifts are required of all employees.

  • Hard work ethic and dedication to this position will be required. If you put forth the effort, there will be the potential to earn $10-$20/ hour+ with tips once you are completely trained and up to speed at the shoppe (at least 3 weeks). Your pay depends on your attitude and how you handle customers along with your general performance. We offer raises/promotions to those who work hard and efficiently.

  • Cell phone use is strictly prohibited while working in the shoppe (phones are used to reach managers and for accepting payments during deliveries ONLY)

  • We are always looking for shift supervisors to open & close, oversee & train new employees, and handle the register during shifts. These positions become available to those who have built trust and understand the ins & outs of the shoppe.

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